Reflect on Your History With Italian Heritage Month

Italian Heritage Month occurs each October. Learn how to celebrate your history!

Italian Heritage Month grants us time to reflect upon our diverse and culture filled history. As Italians, our families are the centers of our world. The journeys each of our families took to assimilate into American life offer us a multitude of cultural contributions. Every October, Italian Heritage Month cultivates the most important parts of what makes us who we are.

How Can I Celebrate Italian Heritage Month?

There are endless ways to celebrate Italian Heritage Month! Here are a few suggestions to get you in the spirit this October.

1. Its All About Family

Our families sacrificed endlessly in order to assimilate into American culture. Thousands of Italian immigrants came to America with similar goals of other newcomers, such as developing a successful career to care for their families. Italians excelled in the career field most notably in medicine, artistic endeavors, and law. Call your Nonno or Nonna and ask them about your family’s journey to America.

2. Host a Dinner Party!

We know how much Italians love their food! Call your parents, your  Nonna (obviously, do you think she would miss out on a chance to cook for her family?), aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends to create an Italian spread. Have everyone bring an Italian dish that is special to them, and don’t forget dessert!

3. Watch Some Documentaries

Educate yourself on the rich history of Italy and Italian immigrants. The following videos below details the accounts of real immigrants and their journey to America.  


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