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Make Your Own Mozzarella With Nino The Mozz Man

Have you ever wondered how the DELICIOUS cheese on most of your Italian dishes is made? Nino The Mozz Man has the answers! Learn how and where to take his cooking classes.

Have you ever wondered how delicious mozzarella cheese is made? Carmine “Nino” Palummo has the answers. 

Starting a Legacy

Nino’s love for mozzarella cheese began after working for his father’s Italian market roughly six years ago. His fascination for the cheese stemmed from the very first time he learned to make it himself. He is currently located in the New Jersey area.

Learn How to Make It Yourself

Cooking classes are offered for a variety of recipes. Have you ever thought about taking a cheese making course? Nino himself offers mozzarella making courses in many platforms, and while he lives in New Jersey, classes can be taken remotely. 

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  • Nino The Mozz Man [https://www.ninothemozzman.com/]

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