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Did You Know There Is an Italian American Veteran’s Museum?

November 11th is Veteran's Day in the United States. Americans take the day to honor those who are fighting and have fought for them. Did you know that Italian-Americans have an entire museum dedicated to veterans?

November 11th serves as a day to honor those that have fought for us, and is otherwise known as Veteran’s Day. Many take this day to celebrate the lives of those who protect the United States, including Italian Americans. 

Where Is the Museum Located?

The Italian American Veteran’s Museum is located in Stone Park, Illinois. The museum is at Casa Italia Cultural Center. The Casa Italia Cultural Center is the epicenter of Chicagoan Italian-American  culture. 

History of the Museum

The museum was founded in 2006. It was designed to educate the public on Italian-American war involvement through a multitude of resources. The museum is supplied with a library, war collectibles, and an artistic exhibit. The museum continues to honor veterans by sharing war stories and testimonies on their website. 

Exhibits Offered

The museum offers specific exhibits for different wars that Italian-Americans were part of. Examples include personal stories, the Vietnam War, saint Padre Pio’s friendship with a sergeant , and many more. 

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