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Franco Harris, “Greatest Italian Football Player of All Time” Passes at 72

Italian football legend, Franco Harris, dies at age 72. Best known for his "Immaculate Reception" play, the legend will continue to live on.

Who Was Franco Harris?

Franco Harris was an amazing football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, best known for the “Immaculate Reception” play. This play occurred on December 23rd, 1972 and consisted of Harris catching the ball right before hitting the ground, then sprinting to a game-winning touchdown. 

Watch the Immaculate Reception HERE

Football Legend

Harris was known as the first player to execute the Immaculate Reception, and continued his impressive career up until he retired in 1985. However, his legacy continues to inspire thousands. 

Franco's Italian Army

Harris’s Italian background was important to his legacy. His fans called themselves the “Italian Army” because of his parents heritage. Fans were supportive of his culture and often sported Italian flags while drinking wine and eating Italian food. 

Inspiring Many

Harris’s legacy continues on in the NFL Hall of Fame. His career as an established running-back continues to fuel the fire of the Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty.

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  1. As I am the Pittsburgh Steelers fan who grew up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I miss Franco Harris, my favorite #32 Pittsburgh Steelers player in Italian Army as I remember about him very, well. I have paid the honorable tribute of Franco Harris in a memory.

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