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Italian Mob Hitman CAUGHT Working at Pizza Parlor After 16 Years on the Run

Edgardo Greco is a notorious member of the Italian 'Ndrangetha mafia. He was caught Thursday, February 2nd after hiding out in a pizza parlor.

Who is Edgardo Greco?

Edgardo Greco is a 63 year old male with ties to Italy’s notorious ‘Ndrangetha mafia. Greco has been found guilty of murdering two individuals back in 2006. After given a life sentence, Greco avoided inprisionment by forging medical documents. This changed on Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 after he was caught by authorities.

How Was He Caught?

Greco was found working for an Italian pizza parlor in France, using the alias “Paolo Dimitrio” to avoid being caught. The Italian police have been cracking down on mafia members with their “I-CAN” project, targeting the ‘Ndrangetha. The police released a photo of Greco earlier last week, revealing his identity leading to his arrest. 

More About The 'Ndrangetha

The ‘Ndrangetha is an Italian mafia group based around the region of Calabria. They are an extremely wealthy and prominent group with their status in world crime continuously rising. Drugs have been found to be the highest source of income for the ‘Ndragetha, however, they are involves in various levels of crime. It is questionable whether the group as a whole can be stopped, however, more and more members and associated mafias are beginning to experience arrests. 

WATCH-Mafia Hitman Caught

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