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Nick Sirianni attributes pregame emotions to fulfilling lifelong dream

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s teary-eyed appearance during the national anthem at Super Bowl LVII will undoubtedly remain one of the memorable moments of the event. When asked about the reason behind his emotional display, Sirianni revealed that it stemmed from achieving a lifelong dream of being a part of the Super Bowl.

Sirianni’s dream of being at the Super Bowl dates back to his childhood days, where he grew up in a family of football enthusiasts, with his dad being a football coach, and older brothers playing football. The 41-year-old coach recognized that while everyone on his team had different paths leading them to the Super Bowl, they all shared the same dream. The journey leading to the event involved a lot of hard work and effort from many people, including his family, teammates, coaches, and peers.

“I’ve dreamed about this since I’ve been two years old,” Sirianni said. “I said to our guys, ‘Some of you guys have been dreaming about this since you’ve been two, some of you since you’ve been in peewee football, some of you since high school, college or even when you got to the pros. But we’ve all been dreaming of it.’ You know, growing up in a family with a dad that’s a football coach, older brothers that play football, this is what you dream of, being in this moment. It’s just emotional because there’s a lot of work, not just by myself, but a lot of people. Starting with my wife and my kids, my brothers, my dad and just so many people – coaches that I’ve had, teammates that I’ve had that helped me get to this moment. So it’s just emotional in that moment knowing where we were at that moment.”

Although Sirianni’s team did not win the game, he was still grateful for the experience and aware of how many people aspire to be a part of such a significant event.

Despite his team’s loss, Sirianni’s emotional display demonstrated his appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of the Super Bowl. His passion and dedication to football suggest that this might not be his last chance to lead his team to the Super Bowl, and he could have a long and successful coaching career ahead of him.

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