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After 70 years, Lenny’s Pizza, a Brooklyn pizzeria that gained fame for its appearance in the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’, is closing down

After dishing customers some of the tastiest slices and fried calzones in the city for 70 years, Brooklyn’s renowned Lenny’s Pizza will permanently close. Josephine Giordano, the daughter of the longstanding owner and 77-year-old retiree Frank Giordano, made the announcement of the closure.

After appearing in the 1977 smash film “Saturday Night Fever,” where John Travolta’s character, Tony Manero, ordered two slices of pizza and stacked them on top of one another, Lenny’s Pizza gained notoriety. For many years, a picture of Travolta has been displayed on the pizzeria’s front window. On social media, customers of the pizza expressed their sorrow and praised the proprietors for the memories they had created there.

Travolta even returned to Lenny’s in 2018 to celebrate its role in movie folklore while promoting the movie “Gotti.” Although the pizzeria was named after the original owner, he only owned it for six years. The pizza joint was then sold to another owner who sold it to Frank Giordano about four decades ago.

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