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JLo Releases Cocktail Line With Italian Inspiration

Jennifer Lopez is a Puerto Rican actress, musician, and entrepreneur. Her newest line of alcoholic beverages takes major inspiration from the Italian coastline and its flavors.

Who Is JLo?

Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as “JLo,” is an actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Her potpourri of talents is nothing short of impressive. Some of JLo’s famous movie projects include Maid in Manhattan, Selena, Monster-in-Law, and Marry Me. Her newest project is this line of alcoholic beverages which she calls “The House of Delola.”

What Does the House of Delola Mean?

The House of Delola means “from Lola” in Spanish. The name Lola is one that close friends of Jennifer call her. JLo notes that she wanted to add a playful touch to her drink line, stating that the inspiration for the name is derived from her throwing parties and consistently being the first one on the dance floor. 

All About Her New Cocktails

Though the star is Puerto Rican, she takes an inspirational edge from Italy in her new beverage line. The drinks can best be described as fruity, flavorful, and typically contain less sugar than their competitors. Lopez states that her desire to create and alcoholic spritz brand derived from her visits to Italy. Her trips to the Italian coast and Capri warranted plenty of fun in the sun while finding her balance and unwinding.

What Are the Flavors?

There are three exciting flavors in JLo’s new beverage brand. 

Delola’s Palma Rosa: Tequila, grapefruit, and elderflower

Delola’s Bella Berry: Vodka, berries, and hibiscus

Delola’s L’Orange: Amaro, orange, and passion fruit

Italians Aren't Happy

After Italians have discovered JLo’s new brand, many are calling her out for allegedly appropriating Italian culture-especially after after she claimed to be a sober celebrity. The hypocrisy and fact that JLo is not Italian herself is causing an array of disappointment for many, especially Italians. Critics are calling her new brand a “money grab” and she is experiencing significant backlash for what many call poor taste.

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  1. I have nothing good to say about her, and this just adds to the list. Regardless of whether or not she is “sober” or not how she makes money is her choice, but don’t use your trips to Italy and Italian culture, use your own.

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