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Sebastian Maniscalco and Mario Lopez Have Fun at Super Nintendo World

Sebastian Maniscalco and Mario Lopez discuss upcoming projects in an exciting interview.

Who Are Sebastian Maniscalco and Mario Lopez?

Sebastian Maniscalso is an Italian-American comedian. He is involved with numerous projects with his latest being the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” release in April of 2023. Mario Lopez is an American actor best known for his role in “Saved By the Bell.” Lopez is now a host on Access Hollywood. 

Who Does Maniscalco Play in the Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Maniscalco plays the role of Foreman Spike in the new Mario movie, the “boss” of the legendary brothers Mario and Luigi. Spike is typically known as rival, often pairing up with many of Mario and Luigi’s enemies. 

What Else is Maniscalco Working On?

The duo was spotted at the Toadstool Cafe, a part of Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Maniscalco shared details about his upcoming projects in an interview with Lopez, such as his new movie “About My Father” which premieres May 26th, 2023. 

Watch the Interview HERE!

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