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Runner Killed After Being Mauled by Bear-Italy Decides What to Do With the Animal

Andrea Papi was a 26-year-old runner from Italy. In early April, he was brutally mauled by a brown bear while out for a run. Italy decides the fate of the animal.

Who was Andrea Papi?

Andrea Papi was a 26-year-old runner who failed to come home from an outing. Mt. Peller Trails is where Papi decided to take his run one evening last week, which is commonly known to house many bears. Papi’s girlfriend called local authorities after he did not come home from his run, fearing for his safety. She has decided to remain anonymous and not share any more details on the devastating news. 

How Was He Killed?

Police have found that Papi’s body sustained substantial injuries. He was mauled by the bear on April 5th, 2023. Bear attacks are not uncommon, however, Papi’s attack is the first in all of Italy to be lethal. It is found that the same bear has already attacked a father and son earlier this year. 

What Will Italy Do With the Bear?

The bear that attacked Papi was identified by a tag titled JJ4, a 17-year-old female. The authorities that caught the bear detailed that they were interested in killing the bear right upon capture. The court will decide the issue in May, however, animal rights groups are already speaking up, calling it unethical to take the life of the bear. Papi’s own family members share that they do not desire to have the bear killed, for it was unknown that multiple bears in the Peller Trails areas were deemed problematic. 

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  1. The bear was just doing what bears do…
    HOWEVER, now that it’s tasted blood, it’s more dangerous than ever. Even if it goes to a zoo, it will be a danger to its handlers.
    This one needs to be put down.

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