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Grandpa Joe’s Big Win

A funny story about my Italian grandfather that displays a core value that we hold dear as Italian-Americans.

Every week, my nonno would head to the race track with his friends to bet on horses. He didn't have much to bet, usually just $1 to $10. Sometimes he won a little, and other times he lost, but it was never much money.One day, we were all surprised to find out that he had hit a bet with impossible odds and won upwards of $1,000 - a substantial amount back then. To our shock, we learned about it through a newspaper article, as he hadn't told anyone about his big win.Why did he keep it to himself? He had learned a valuable lesson in Italy never to reveal his successes to others, as it could incite jealousy and envy. He passed down this wisdom to us, both through his actions and words. These are the kinds of values that we cherish and wish to p...

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