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Ron DeSantis Announces Bid to Become the First Italian American President of the United States

Throughout history, most US presidents have had ethnic backgrounds spanning across Western Europe. While most have roots in the British Isles, several of this country’s past commanders-in-chief have had French, German, Dutch, and Swiss ancestors. However, the United States has never had a chief executive with Italian heritage.

That may change soon, though, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced his candidacy for this nation’s highest office in 2024. The former Lieutenant commander in the United States Navy has made a name for himself in the Republican Party for his response to COVID-19 in the Sunshine State and feels that he is ready to go up against Donald Trump for a chance to represent the GOP in the next election cycle. If elected, DeSantis would become for first-ever Italian American president as all eight of his great-grandparents were born in Italy. 

Salvatore Storti, his great-great-grandfather, arrived in the United States in 1904 and settled in Pennsylvania before his pregnant wife, Luigia Colucci, and their two daughters joined him in early 1917. During Luigia’s journey from Italy, the Immigration Act of 1917 was passed which required immigrants seeking entry to the US to take literacy tests to prevent those who were unable to read or write from becoming Americans. Luigia fell in this category but was luckily not impacted by the legislation as it did not go into effect until May of that year.

You may be asking yourself why an Italian American has never been elected. Well, the most common hypothesis is a general hesitancy around voting for Catholics, as Italy holds the center of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City. However, with the inauguration of Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States became just the second to be a member of the Catholic Church, with the first being John F. Kennedy.

Now that America has finally felt comfortable enough to place its faith in a Catholic leader for the first time in 60 years, perhaps 2024 could be the year that a politician of Italian descent breaks the pattern and can generate enough votes to become the leader of the free world.


  1. If you continue to support this embarrassment to Italian Pride, cancel my subscription to HArdcore Italians. This guy is a fucking embarrassment to Italians everywhere.

    1. I totally agree with Jim. Not only is he an embarrassment BUT he has already denounced his Italian heritage. He would rather eat his vomit than admit it. Come on people read his first book that has miraculously disappeared. I’m waiting for him to take away our women’s right to vote! His wife is even worse with her fake cancer scare! When ask they run from the question

      1. You seem like a very nice, compassionate, well-adjusted person. I don’t think that taking away a woman’s right to vote is anywhere on the horizon; but if you are an example of the typical woman voter, it may be an idea worth looking into. Your anger and derangement are not only palpable but misplaced. I hope you find some peace and happiness.

    2. If you can’t have a fact based conversation on a candidate,you’re the embarrassment. Chill dude

    3. Ciao Jim, please tell me where you see support of the candidate? We truly believe this is an unopinioned article.

  2. De Santis is not a fascist. Fascism is actually a form of socialism where the concentration of all power and capital is concentrated into the central government and select oligarch owned big business/banks like the NAZI (National Socialist Workers Party) party did in Hitler’s Germany. ” Fascist” is now just a trigger word often used by liberal dems to smear anyone who isn’t a properly brainwashed knee-jerk liberal democrat. De Santis isn’t perfect, only God is. He has improved Florida by keeping taxes low and getting rid of counter-productive regulations. Thousands of people from corrupt, high tax Democrat run states have been flocking to Florida due to DeSantis making it affordable and safe to live there. DeSantis’s wife would not want to deprive women of their voting rights either. People need to dig deeper into issues and stop believing the lame stream media judas goats. Her family comes from Napoli and his from Abruzzo region. I hope I have given you all a different perspective on the subject. I haven’t decided whether I will vote for DeSantis yet. I’m carefully researching all candidates first.

  3. Ciao everyone, please note, we simply report news. There is no endorsement of any politician in any of our posts. Sorry if that offends you, but as an Italian-American organization, we believe it is our mission to inform. Grazie.

  4. Hi there I think it’s good for you to inform us thank you I don’t know enough about DeSantis so I will do some research keep up the good work
    Most of my grandparents went through Ellis’s islands but then our family ended up in Australia because of the restrictions of Italians in 1924 into the US

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