Venice Authorities Probe Mysterious Bright Green Liquid Found in Grand Canal

A perplexing discovery has captured the attention of Venice residents and officials as police launch a thorough investigation into the origin of a luminous green liquid patch that materialized in the iconic Grand Canal on Sunday.

The Veneto region’s governor, Luca Zaia, took to social media, sharing a captivating photograph of the vibrant green liquid slowly spreading across the canal waters near the renowned Rialto Bridge. Concerned citizens promptly reported the sighting, heightening the urgency of the situation. 

Numerous images circulating on social media portray the conspicuous green patch adorning a picturesque embankment, home to many quant restaurants.

Governor Zaia emphasized the significance of the incident by stressing the need for a thorough inquiry into the responsible party. Local law enforcement has been enlisted to conduct a comprehensive investigation to identify the individuals or entities behind the phenomenon. Environmental authorities have commenced water testing procedures to assess any potential ecological impact.

As the investigation unfolds, the residents of Venice eagerly await answers, hoping for a resolution to the mysterious appearance of this remarkable green substance within the Grand Canal’s historic waters. Stay tuned for further updates as authorities work diligently to unravel this intriguing enigma. 


Venice Police Investigate Bright Green Liquid in Grand Canal… AP News

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  1. Thank you sharing this story!
    Here we are ever St. Patrick’s Day dying our river green.
    Love your stories!

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