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What Repercussions Will the Tourist Who Carved His Name Into the Roman Colosseum Face?

A tourist in Italy has been filmed etching him and his lover's name into the Roman Colosseum. The video has quickly become viral and sparked immense outrage of tourists and the Italian government.

What Happened?

A video from Friday, June 23, 2023, has recently become viral and captured the attention of many news sources. A man, who was etching names that appeared to read “Ivan + Hayley” with a set of keys, could now face jail time for his disrespectful actions to the historical amphitheater if he is located by local authorities. Some sources state that the name alongside his is his fiancee’s.

What Is Italy’s Next Step to Find This Man?

Italian law details that defacement of public property to this extent could face a fine of $22,000 and/or jail time. These punishments can only be applied if the tourist is caught, however. The couple in this viral video are not the only people to deface the beautiful Colosseum. The only identifiable characteristics are the alleged names and faces in the video, however, due to the high volume of tourists in Italy, it is unlikely the couple will be caught. Italy’s Center of Culture and Tourism has still vowed to stop at nothing to find this man.

WATCH-the Viral Video That Started the Outrage

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