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You MUST Visit Undo’s Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival

This July 28-30th, you can experience a slice of Italy in the Ohio Upper Valley. Celebrating its 40th year, Undo's Italian Festival continues to encourage Italians to embrace their heritage.

The History of ItalyFest

If you’ve ever been to an Italian fest, which is a must-do for any Italian or Italian-American, you know the feeling of friendship and family the second you walk in. The variety of food, music, and dancing will make everyone feel like they stepped down the street of their hometown.  

In 1983, four Italian men sought to bring a slice of their heritage into the Upper Ohio Valley. Anthony Zambito, Vincent Colainni, Anthony Iannarelli, and Benny Battistelli’s inspiration to start their festival stemmed from visiting an Italian festival in Clarksburg, Ohio a year prior. The friends quickly gained traction by recruiting members and volunteers of nearby Italian-American clubs and organizations. With each founder’s investment, the group began to make a name for themselves.

Now sponsored by Undo’s Italian Family Restaurant and Catering, (a local West Virginian eatery), and many more, ItalyFest only continues to grow in popularity and vigor.

Scholarships Galore

The mission of the Italian Festival became prominent in 1987, with the directors deciding to donate a percentage of their profits to college students in the area needing scholarships. A total of twelve scholarships are awarded, with two in each of the following counties:

In West Virginia, the counties include Ohio County, Brooke County, Hancock County, and Marshall County. In Ohio, the counties include Jefferson County and Belmont County.

All About the Board Members

The four founders, Bastisteli, Zambito, Colaianna, and Iannarelli have created an opportunity for Italian-Americans to thrive in their local community. Their success has been passed down to younger generations, now consisting of officers and over ten board to keeping the festival alive and thriving.

Prime Entertainment

This year’s entertainment lineup is nothing short of spectacular. The three-day event features Ray Massa’s EuroRythms, the Skyliners, a Veteran’s Appreciation ceremony, and so many more local talents and artists. View the talent lineup HERE. Guests can take in the beautiful music, delicious food, and fun company by walking up and down the beautiful streets of Little Italy.

When and Where to Visit the Festival

The Undo’s Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival is located in Clarksburg, West Virginia. The event takes place over three days and is scheduled for July 28th-30th of 2023. Specific details for time and location can be found on italyfest.org. The organization is celebrating its 40th year of success with an exceptional music lineup, traditional Italian food, and fun! 


Undo’s Italian Heritage Festival [italyfest.org]

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