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Publishing Executive Adrienne Vaughan Dies in Boating Accident off Amalfi Coast

Adrienne Vaughan, best known for her presidency of the publishing company Bloomsbury USA, has died in a tragic boating accident.

What Happened?

Adrienne Vaughan took a vacation with her husband and two sons had taken a vacation with her off the coast of Italy. They had rented a speedboat, driven by the skipper Elio Persico. Persico is now being charged with manslaughter and negligent injury after operating a boat off of the Amalfi coast while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Persico killed Adrienne Vaughan and injured her husband while leaving their two children in immense shock. The speedboat driven by Persico rammed into a sailboat filled with 130 passengers celebrating a wedding. Vaughan flew off the back of the vessel, Vaughan’s husband stated that Persico was consistently on his phone, while later reports detail his alcohol and drug levels alongside the cell phone use. 

Who was Adrienne Vaughan?

Adrienne Vaughan was best known for being president of the publishing company that pioneered the “Harry Potter” series, Bloomsbury USA. Her career began after obtaining a master’s degree in business from New York University. Her successful career as a businesswoman also landed her other jobs at Disney managing the press for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Vaughan’s colleagues and friends all detail her immense passion for books and her other creative endeavors.

What Happens Now?

After Vaughan’s husband reported that Persico was on his phone to authorities and prosecutors are now trying to obtain phone records of his conversations. The family and friends of Vaughan are extremely devastated and hurt by Persico’s careless actions.

WATCH-More Information on the Tragic Incident

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