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Sophia Loren Undergoes Emergency Surgery Following Swiss Home Fall

In a recent turn of events, Hollywood icon Sophia Loren, at the age of 89, has been admitted to a Swiss hospital for emergency surgery after a significant fall at her residence in Gevena over the weekend.

The incident, which transpired in the confines of her own home, left the legendary actress with multiple fractures, including those to her hip and leg. For fans around the globe, the news of Sophia Loren’s accident came as a shock.

Facing a grave health situation, Sophia Loren underwent emergency surgery to address the severe fractures she sustained during the fall. Fortunately, the surgical intervention yielded positive outcomes, offering a ray of hope to her legion of admirers. 

Sophia Loren’s official Instagram page, associated with her restaurant chain, issued a statement regarding her condition: “A fall at her home in Geneva today caused Ms. Loren hip fractures. Operated with a positive outcome, she will now have to observe a short period of recovery and follow a road to rehabilitation.” The reassuring update provided some relief to her followers, as they eagerly await news of her steady progress on the path to recovery.

Throughout this trying ordeal, Sophia Loren found solace in the unwandering support of her two sons, Carlo Jr. and Edoardo. They have been a constant presence by her side, offering comfort, strength, and love during this entire process. 

Sophia Loren’s unfortunate accident came at a time when she had exciting plans on the horizon. She was scheduled to inaugurate her fourth restaurant in the vibrant Italian city of Bari on September 26th, an event eagerly anticipated by her fans and culinary enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the city had planned to confer upon her the honor of honorary citizenship, recognizing her remarkable contributions to the world of film and art. With these engagements to be temporarily postponed due to her accident, there is no doubt that Sophia Loren’s indomitable spirit will see her through.

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