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Mariano Di Vaio: A Fashion & Cultural Influencer

Meet Mariano Di Vaio: Renowned Italian fashion influencer, successful entrepreneur, and cultural icon. Discover his journey to becoming a global fashion sensation.


Mariano Di Vaio, a name that is tied to fashion, style, and Italian culture, was born on May 9th, 1989 in Assisi, Italy. He left Italy at 18 years old to pursue his career in modeling. He spent one year in London, working as a model, and then went to New York City, to study acting at New York Film Academy. Mariano has not only made a mark in the fashion industry but has also left a lasting impact on Italian culture. With his charismatic personality, impeccable style, and impressive accomplishments, he has become a household name not only in Italy but also on the international stage. 

Journey To Stardom

Mariano Di Vaio’s journey to fame is a testament to his dedication and passion for fashion. In 2010, he launched his blog, “MVD Style,” which served as a platform to share his personal style and fashion insights. He started his blog to give men a place to get fashion inspiration. His blog quickly gained popularity, and Mariano’s unique blend of classic Italian elegance with a modern twist began to attract a global audience.

Accomplishments In The Fashion World

Mariano Di Vaio’s multifaceted career in the fashion world spans various domains. His fashion blog, “MDV Style”, achieved global recognition and a massive following, thanks to his unique style characterized by tailored suits, exquisite accessories, and an acute attention to detail. Beyond the realm of blogging, Mariano’s striking appearance and fashion sense captivated top fashion brands, leading him to a successful modeling career. He collaborated with renowned designers and graced the pages of prestigious fashion magazines, even strutting down the runway at Milan Fashion Week. Maraino’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to venture into fashion entrepreneurship, with the launch of “MDV Shoes,” a brand embodying his personal taste and unwavering commitment to quality. Notably, in 2014, he penned the best-selling book “My Dream Job,” sharing his personal journey and fashion industry experiences while importing valuable advice to aspiring fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, thus inspiring countless individuals to pursue their dreams. 

Mariano's Mark

Di Vaio’s impact on Italian culture transcends the boundaries of fashion, making him a significant figure who embodies the very essence of a modern Italian man. He seamlessly melds traditional values with a keen adaption to the ever-evolving global landscapes. Serving as a global ambassador for Italian fashion and culture, Mariano utilizes his extensive social media presence and collaborations with international brands to spotlight Italy’s rich fashion heritage to a worldwide audience. His journey to fashion blogging has become a source of inspiration for countless young Italians, encouraging them to fearlessly pursue their passions. Furthermore, Mariano’s distinctive style epitomizes a modern-day Italian aesthetic, harmoniously blending sophistication with contemporary trends, thereby shaping the fashion and lifestyle choices of a new generation of Italians. Through his travels and collaborations, he has facilitated a cultural exchange, introducing global trends to Italy and showcasing Italian fashion to the world, thereby contributing significantly to Italy’s enduring relevance in the fashion industry.

Modern Italian Culture

Mariano Di Vaio is not just a fashion influencer; he is a cultural icon who has redefined the image of the modern Italian man. With his successful career in fashion, and entrepreneurship, and his ability to inspire others, he has made a lasting impact on Italian culture. Mariano’s journey to becoming a global fashion sensation serves as a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to one’s dreams. His legacy in the fashion world and his influence on Italian culture are sure to endure for years to come. 


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