Love Being Italian? Consider the Perks of Citizenship!

Are you of Italian descent and proud of your heritage? Perhaps you've always felt a deep connection to Italy and its rich culture. Through this blog, the goal is to provide you with expert insights into the advantages that come with being an Italian citizen and applying for citizenship.

Every person of Italian descent is proud to claim their heritage and enjoy the most wonderful traditions of our culture. Family gatherings, large home-cooked meals, and the excitement of a European soccer game, to name a few. However, for those born here in the United States, there may be several advantages you are missing by not becoming a dual citizen. Antone with a direct descendant of Italy, no matter how long ago, can become a citizen.

Since Italy is a member of the European Union, becoming an Italian citizen allows benefits throughout 27 other countries in Europe. As a citizen, travel would be greatly facilitated through customs and your length of stay would no longer have limits. Without citizenship, a visa is required if you intend to stay longer than 90 days. Imagine being in Italy and spontaneously deciding to extend your trip, go to Malta for the weekend, Paris for a holiday, or Greece for Spring break? So many exciting and gorgeous locations are within a few hours by plane from Italy and several can easily be reached by the high-speed trains available throughout Europe. The possibilities are endless. 

Healthcare is another huge advantage of citizenship. ranked in the top 5 worldwide, Italy’s healthcare system is also considerably affordable. Citizens all have access to public healthcare by can also opt for private medical care. The public is free to all citizens and the private option is considerably less compared to rates in the United States. 

Italian citizenship offers guaranteed access to education throughout Europe for you and your children. Tuition is severely discounted or nominal compared to the United States. In fact, 17 countries in the European Union offer free universities, some of which offer instruction in English. For instance, citizenship tuition for Oxford University in the United Kingdom is about $9,885.65 per year, however, most EU members qualify for discounts and government support. Graduating with an impressive education and minimal debt is a reason enough to consider citizenship. 

Employment is another incredible advantage. As an Italian citizen and a member of the European Union, individuals have the right to work in any EU country without a permit. Also once you’ve become a citizen, you may be inclined to spend more time in Italy and perhaps purchase property. Having citizenship will not only ease the process but will reduce the costs associated with the transactions. If any, or all of these reasons have you wondering where you begin, your first step is to contact your nearest Italian consulate. They can direct you regarding the process to apply for Italian citizenship. 

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