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Discover Hidden Travel Gems Throughout Italy

St. Peter's church, located on a cliff in Porto Venere, Liguria. Just one of many breathtaking, exclusive-to-Italy experiences that will never be forgotten.

St. Peter’s Basilica viewed from the Aventine hill.

Italy: Off The Beaten Path

Feeling like you were the only one that didn’t make it to Italy this year? You aren’t wrong for feeling this way. As the first year post-Covid with lessened restrictions, most people were eager to travel. Typically one of the most visited countries in the world, it was no surprise that Italy was bombarded with tourists. In fact, anyone with relatives in Italy can attest to the massive crowds and social media was a constant reminder of the food and beauty enjoyed by friends and celebrities alike. The only solution is to start planning an amazing trip for yourself! One-of-a-kind experiences can be found anywhere in Italy. While most popular tourist destinations should be on your bucket list, there are hidden gems in every major city. Here are some alternatives worth exploring to avoid the crowds and still have incredible experiences:

RomeAventine Hill: Close to the Colosseum, the Aventine Hill is one of the original 7 hills Rome was originally built on according to legend. Enjoy a beautiful view of the city and and peek through the famous “keyhole of Rome” through which you can see St. Peter’s Basilica framed perfectly.

FlorenceBoboli Gardens: Adjacent to the Pitti Palace, these gorgeous gardens are a secluded space within the bustling city and display several surprising features such as a grotto, the Fountain of Neptune and the Fountain of the Ocean.

VeniceSan Giorgio Maggiore: While everyone is at St. Mark’s Basilica, relish in the beauty of this small island off of Venice , offering amazing views of Venice and a stunning Palladian church.

Napoli Sotterranea – Underground Naples

NaplesNapoli Sotterranea: This underground labyrinth of tunnels and chambers 40 meters below the city is a sight to see! Tours include views of an ancient Greek-Roman aqueduct and second world war bomb shelter.

TorinoMole Antonelliana: Home of the National Cinema Museum, this iconic building also offers incredible views from it’s dome.

SienaSanta Maria Della Scala: Often overlooked by tourists, this hospital turned museum houses art and cultural exhibits. After decades of servicing the less fortunate, this museum is open daily to allow visitors access to almost 13,000 square feet of frescos, sculptures and drawings by renown artists such as Bulgarini, Martini and Lorenzetti.

Bastione Di Saint Remy in Cagliari

CagliariBastione di Saint Remy: In Sardinia, this panoramic terrace on the rooftop of one of Cagliari’s most important buildings, offers stunning views of the city, the sea and the countryside.

PisaPalazzo Blu: A must see for art enthusiasts, this historical building with a painted blue exterior houses rotating exhibits and a must-see coutyard.

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