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Divers Have Found THOUSANDS of Ancient Roman Coins off the Coast of Sardinia

Amateur divers have found thousands of ancient Roman coins while exploring the waters of Sardinia. Find out what this means for Italian culture and the history of the coins.

Shipwreck Spoils?

The diver who discovered the Roman currency was quick to alert authorities of his findings. 30,000 to 50,000 coins have been discovered, most of which are still in excellent condition despite them dating back to the Byzantine Empire, (324-250 CE). The Italian Culture Ministry is tracing the findings to a possible shipwreck due to the size and nature of the seabed where the coins were discovered. The Ministry is pursuing further action to see if more findings can be made. Similarly, Roman coins were also found off the coast of Wales a few weeks prior. 

WATCH-Ancient bronze coins discovered off coast of Italy

Important Historical Additions

Sardinia is a region of Italy that is rich in culture and life. The island has been populated since the Neolithic period, which dates back to roughly 4,000 BC. The discovery of the Roman coins symbolizes the archaeological heritage that the oceans still hold, with much more to discover. Luigi La Rocca, a director general of Archaeology of the region, states that finding these coins is one of the “most important coin discoveries” in modern times.  

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