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New Viral TikTok Trend Is Hyping Italian Girls Up

A new TikTok trend all over my ‘For You Page’ today is hyping up all the ladies participating. The trend is showcasing a throwback picture of your parents noting what nationality they are, and then showing off the masterpiece they created- YOU! 

If you are interested, here is how to do the trend!

1. Throwback Picture of Parents

The first step is to get those iconic throwback pictures of your parents. Now, I am 100% Italian but I had the pleasure of being raised by two Italians who offer different traditions because their families are from different regions. So, to spice up this trend a little bit I decided to include where they are from. My mom’s Sicilian and my dad’s Calabrese. Make sure to note where your parents are from, it could also just say the country, and personalize it the way you want to. 

2. Find Your "That's Her" Pic

Finally, find that picture on your phone that is pinned on all your socials and profile pics. The caption is whatever you would like and boom- you got yourself a TikTok trend masterpiece! 

I got the inspiration for this trend from my FYP as I mentioned before, but the comments on all the blown-up ones are so heartwarming! People are absolutely eating this trend up, and the compliments and communities are flooding. I just posted mine and I have already received some love. You don’t have to be Italian to do this trend either. Greek girls are doing it, Puerto Rican girls are doing it, so you should do it too! Show off your culture and have fun with it! Also give me a follow on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@isabellamartirano

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