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Bon Jovi’s Heartfelt Connection to Italy and the JBJ Soul Foundation

Jon Bon Jovi, the rock musician celebrating 40 years since the release of his first album as lead singer of band Bon Jovi, is a global icon celebrated for his beloved music, riveting stage presence and continued philanthropic endeavors. While many can easily sing the words to his hit songs, most are not aware of how deeply Bon Jovi cares to connect to his Italian heritage or the inspirational efforts of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation that he founded.

Bon Jovi’s grandparents originated from Sciacca, Sicily, immigrating to New Jersey in the 1930s. His father, John Francis Bongiovi Sr., spoke the Sicilian dialect and instilled strong Italian tradition and cultural values. The rockstar has frequented Italy several times, both on tour and for pleasure, and has been inspired to become a winemaker, creating a rose’ called Hampton Water. It has already won awards and accolades. Unlike the common tale told of famous rockers, Bon Jovi refused drugs or hard alcohol throughout his career. Still married to his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, Bon Jovi values family. Although his dream was to be a rock star, his upbringing and heritage led him to prioritize being a husband and father to their four children. Jon has always looked to his family for support and included his siblings and wife in his business endeavors. 

Established in 2006, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation is a shining example of the positive influence the Bon Jovi family has had and their dedication to improving the lives of the less fortunate. The focus of the foundation is to alleviate issues of hunger, homelessness and affordable housing. It is been an incredible success, offering hope and resources to countless individuals in the communities they serve. Visitors to the JBJ Soul Kitchen can choose to offer a donation or eat for free, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to learn a resourceful skill that can be used for employment. Volunteer hours can also be offered in place of payment. This dynamic allows individuals to improve their personal situation and promote confidence and self esteem. JBJ Soul Homes were also developed to assist low income families with housing deficits, providing stability and hope for many.

Jon Bon Jovi’s cultural values have been a major influence throughout his his life, allowing him to positively navigate major decisions that have affected the lives of people across the globe. His commitment to his family  and his ability to bridge his heritage with global philanthropy are have resulted in a profound effect of passion, purpose and dedication. 

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