5 Works of Art that Make Italy the Culture Capital of the World

here are many things that define culture, including but not limited to food, music, religion, social habits, and art of a people. While Italy beats out the competition in just about all of these categories, other cultures often claim to have some of the best works of art and sculpture in history. These 5 works of art help to solidify Italy as the home of most of the world's greatest art and culture.

How Italians Eat A lot and Stay Thin

How is it that Italian people in Italy have a lot to eat but still stay skinny? A lot of true Italian people or Hardcore Italians truly believe that Italians simply do not gain weight. Across the country, the number of people that are overweight is skyrocketing. More and more people are desperate to lose weight, while Italians eat pasta, pizza, and a number of other rather hearty meals and simply do not gain record weight at the numbers those in other countries do.

All About Italians in Rome

Author: Barabelli​Rome is, of course, a fascinating city. The area around the Coliseum looks more like a movie set than what was once a fabulous center of government. The building where the senators convened stands where it stood when Nero ruled. What is most amazing is that, in movies, the buildings seem very close together. … Continue reading All About Italians in Rome