The Sopranos Prequel Newark Gets Release Date

ET has recently confirmed that the movie The Many Saints of Newark will be in theaters on Sept. 25, 2020, so get excited! The movie will be about Tony Soprano's life in Jersey during the '60s. Therefore, there is no better character to play Tony Soprano then his 19-year-old son Michael who has got his mannerisms down to a tee and resembles his late father in various ways. The film is said to be set between 1968-1975. The movie is going to portray young Tony Soprano over the course of several years so it is easy to believe that there will be several characters playing Tony. The filming of this movie is said to be taking place in early March of 2019.

WATCH: Paul Sorvino Says About Harvey Weinstein, “He’ll Be Lying on the Floor”

As Paul Sorvino was leaving Bristol Farms in West Hollywood, he was asked questions including, "What were your thoughts when you heard about Harvey Weinstein derailing your daughter's career by actively trying to blacklist her from Hollywood?" Paul replies, "If I would answer you, I might put everybody in jeopardy, but if I meet him on the street he oughta hope that he goes to jail because if we come across, I think he'll be lying on the floor." He also stated, "My daughter’s a courageous and a wonderful human being, and doesn’t deserve to have been treated that way by this pig.”

Watch his entire reaction:

Italian Authorities Put Ban on New Year’s Eve Fireworks Displays!

Each part of the world has its own traditions for New Year’s Eve. A popular tradition is to set off celebratory fireworks and this is something people do no matter where you are in the world. In Italy, this is no different as right across the country, there have had many excellent fireworks displays to bring in the New Year. However, this may now be a tradition of the past in this country as the government is trying to put an end to people setting off fireworks.

Italian Artist Michelangelo Pistoletto

Art has been an enormous part of artist Michelangelo Pistoletto’s life since his birth in 1933. He was born in Biella, Italy which is located in the region of Piemonte. He grew up under fascism during the war and was therefore made to believe in Mussolini. As a result of the chaos that surrounded him, church, and God brought a sense of hope upon Pistoletto. This hope and optimism helped inspire his works.