Top 7 Breathtaking Lakes of Northern Italy

Most people who travel to Italy do so to visit the major cities and to enjoy a cultural experience that involves visiting places of cultural, historical or architectural significance. However, if you step beyond the borders of the city, you will discover what a beautiful and geographically diverse country Italy actually is and see many spectacular sights. When visiting Italy, you should try to make the time to visit some of its stunning lakes in northern Italy. Not only they visually outstanding, they are also the perfect place to enjoy a range of activities, such as water sports and wildlife photography.

Top 5 Gorgeous Italian Beach Destinations

While many people head to Italy for the cultural experience, it is also a fantastic destination for a beach holiday. Tourists often forget about the spectacular Italian coastline and many of the towns along the coast are excellent places to visit with lots of things to see and do during your stay. If you are a beach lover, here are some of the top beach destinations to visit during a trip to Italy.