Amazing Things to Do and See in Venice

Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Th capital of the northern Veneto region of the country, this city is steeped in history and is often considered one of the most romantic locations in the world. If this is the destination of your choice, then here are ten things you should see or do while you are in this fascinating city.

6″Italian” Dishes That Are Actually American

Italian dishes are some of the most popular cuisine in the world and restaurants across the globe include famous Italian dishes on their menu. Similarly, more people than ever are including Italian dishes in their home cooking. This is partially due to the simplicity of Italian dishes and also because of media influences, such as cooking programs. However, the dishes cooked in restaurants and people’s homes that people think are Italian often do not come from Italy at all!

9 Sports That Are Popular in Italy

When thinking of sports played and watched by Italians, it is usually soccer that springs to mind. However, Italians love to participate in or watch many different sports. Regardless of what their favorite sport is or which team they support, the Italians are very passionate and enthusiastic players and fans. Here are the top ten sports enjoyed by Italians.

Top 5 Things That Every Italian Mom Says

For most Italians, the family is very important. At the heart of every Italian family is the mother. Italian Mammas are well-known for being nurturing and are often very protective of their children, even when their children reach adulthood. Anyone who has grown up in an Italian household will have heard their mother spouting the same clichés repeatedly while they were growing up. Recognize any of these phrases?