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Growing Up Italian – For All Italians To See

A nice video talking about how it is to grow up Italian. Should bring back some memories!

A nice video talking about how it is to grow up Italian. Should bring back some memories!




  1. Fantastic video, so true it brings me back loving & Happy memories. Only wished my grandkids could of shared the same experience💗

  2. Yes I am am Italian-American. Born in Italy came off the boat, still have a garden,can my tomatoes and pickle my vegetables. And yes make home made wine and still bake my bread
    I agree this tradition is slowly disappearing, why because we all have jobs,run Round to sports for the children, come home late. So now a lot of us just pick up the phone and order our food . I miss my mother’s house you entered it and there was fresh baked bread on Saturday. I can say even though I am an American citizen I still consider myself an Italian first.

  3. Great video im Italian my parents where both Italian I remember a lot of things on that video you did a great job on that video

  4. This was fantastic. I am American Italian. Born in the USA. Brought up Italian. Also can my tomatoes. Bake bread. Miss the way things were before.

  5. Wonderful video and Italian memories. IN summertime, while my mom worked and dad was in the service, I slept at grandma’s and had a wonderful time. At a young age, I watched her preserve many bottles of her precious sauce. She even let me cap them! She taught me how to make gnocchi and bread! I loved summertime and being with my
    grandma. I thought I was in heaven being in her care. She was such a beautiful and loving lady!

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