A nice video talking about how it is to grow up Italian. Should bring back some memories!

Video put together by OhioGoodFella


5 thoughts on “Growing Up Italian – For All Italians To See

  1. Fantastic video, so true it brings me back loving & Happy memories. Only wished my grandkids could of shared the same experience💗

  2. Yes I am am Italian-American. Born in Italy came off the boat, still have a garden,can my tomatoes and pickle my vegetables. And yes make home made wine and still bake my bread
    I agree this tradition is slowly disappearing, why because we all have jobs,run Round to sports for the children, come home late. So now a lot of us just pick up the phone and order our food . I miss my mother’s house you entered it and there was fresh baked bread on Saturday. I can say even though I am an American citizen I still consider myself an Italian first.

  3. Great video im Italian my parents where both Italian I remember a lot of things on that video you did a great job on that video

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