Growing Up Italian – For All Italians To See

A nice video talking about how it is to grow up Italian. Should bring back some memories!

A nice video talking about how it is to grow up Italian. Should bring back some memories!




      1. Thank you for this video, I have remembered a lot but wish could have experienced more. I remember my grandfather Vito wine, drank it from jelly glasses delivered by the milk man. He was very proud of his vino… Wish I had some now….

      2. God how I miss the old days Born in 1951 I experienced si much if this story. There wete only 52 Sundays a year but the family was at Nonnie and Papas house for dinner. My gosh hiq we ate and laugged and listened to the stories again. Hard as I try I am unable to create the small of my Nonniez kitvhen as she cooked a feast when we lost our Nonnie and Papa it all changed. No one has those kind of grandparents today. I love them and miss them and relive those days through the pictures if all if us passed down to me. Caio bellas and bellos.💜

      3. I still make spaghetti from scratch and run it through the spaghetti maker, buy stew meat and other less expensive meats and run them through the grinder, all my lasagnas and raviolis are hand made. We still sit around the kitchen table and go through albums after albums of the older folks and family who have passed on with my grandchildren and hopefully they will pass on the ssame traditions.

  1. Fantastic video, so true it brings me back loving & Happy memories. Only wished my grandkids could of shared the same experience💗

  2. Yes I am am Italian-American. Born in Italy came off the boat, still have a garden,can my tomatoes and pickle my vegetables. And yes make home made wine and still bake my bread
    I agree this tradition is slowly disappearing, why because we all have jobs,run Round to sports for the children, come home late. So now a lot of us just pick up the phone and order our food . I miss my mother’s house you entered it and there was fresh baked bread on Saturday. I can say even though I am an American citizen I still consider myself an Italian first.

  3. Great video im Italian my parents where both Italian I remember a lot of things on that video you did a great job on that video

  4. This was fantastic. I am American Italian. Born in the USA. Brought up Italian. Also can my tomatoes. Bake bread. Miss the way things were before.

  5. Wonderful video and Italian memories. IN summertime, while my mom worked and dad was in the service, I slept at grandma’s and had a wonderful time. At a young age, I watched her preserve many bottles of her precious sauce. She even let me cap them! She taught me how to make gnocchi and bread! I loved summertime and being with my
    grandma. I thought I was in heaven being in her care. She was such a beautiful and loving lady!

  6. I have tears on my eyes, brings back so many memories when I was growing up spending time with my mother and my grandparents and all the cousins at my grandparents farm the cousins still get together but it is not quite the same.

  7. This was so full of memories and it was very touching. I feel sorry for the young generation who haven’t had the privilege to grow up this way. Progress and prosperity has had a huge price tag, the disintegration of family life. Some will never know the comfort of loving aunts and uncles, cousins and great grandparents. We were so fortunate to have experienced that kind of love.

  8. I love this there is so many things that remind me of my younger years at grandma and grandpa’s. They had two fig trees. This is really nice.

  9. I was married to a second generation Italian. His parents were born in Italy. They were very proud of being Italian. Sometimes my ex really got on my nerves with his constant references to the greatness of being Italian. Being part of this family could be wonderful. The food was terrific… just as the speaker in this video describes. If you wanted a recipe you had to go to the house and watch while my mother in law cooked the food and all ingredients were eyeballed.no measuring.

  10. Beautiful memories…we try our best to keep many of these traditions and invite our non-Italian relatives and friends to join in. Love that my son has a large garden, we still make wine and jar tomatoes. Sunday dinner with his family, fig tree in the yard, homemade pasta and cookies all the time. Yes, the traditions are fewer but we try our very best to pass them along to our grandchildren. Keep reminiscing as often as you can…when we die we are a photo in a frame and hopefully good memories forever.

  11. I enjoyed so to the point of not realizing I had tears in my eyes! I only wished it could have been that way for my kids and their kids. I keep those memories close so I pass them down to the Granddaughters. Thank you to my cousin Berta for sending this to me. You know how I feel about you!!

  12. loved the video it brought a flood of memories that I have almost forgotten. Things have changed but I still have pictures and memories and my children grandchildrren and great grandchildren know some of the stories and memories .. it was a good time back then and I can recall most of my childhood in that old neighborhood, thanks for the memories

  13. Every Sunday my cousins and I would walk home from 9 o’clock mass, to NaNa and PopPop’s house for a round of fried meatballs and crumb buns from the bakery. Pops would sit at the head of the table extended the length of the basement kitchen with folding tables, chairs and picnic benches to seat all. He would hold his glass and without a word smile and take credit for his family The motley crew that gathered each week without fail, never interrupted by weather, holidays, or other obligations because nothing was more important than Sunday macaroni and gravy.

  14. OMG this is so great and so true. It does bring back so many wonderful memories. This video was my life. I can relate to it all. Even though my grandparents and parents are gone, I try to carry on the tradition the best I can. Especially an occasional typical Italian Sunday dinner. Everyone is so busy these days but I get them all together as much as I can. My grandfather was a very proud man. He was proud to be Italian but at the same time so proud to be an American. After this virus crises is over, I am determined to try to keep tradition alive. It is so close to my heart. Plus my grandchildren love it. Thank You for this video. It has lifted my heart and spirits in these uncertain times. God Bless America.Peace and Love Always.

  15. This awesome video hit home to me
    and my enjoyable proud Italian Family Root memories.
    It was a great distraction during the Covid crisis
    that we are in.
    Thank you.

  16. Since I was a kid … I have enjoyed this AND I still look forward to hearing it EVERY SUNDAY morning … 10-ish … I’m sharing with one of my Cuban students because WE REALLY ARE “ONE” … we’re all people who need to understand one another and appreciate what and who we are!

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