Each part of the world has its own traditions for New Year’s Eve. A popular tradition is to set off celebratory fireworks and this is something people do no matter where you are in the world. In Italy, this is no different as right across the country, there have had many excellent fireworks displays to bring in the New Year. However, this may now be a tradition of the past in this country as the government is trying to put an end to people setting off fireworks.

Local governments of towns and cities all over Italy want to either restrict or completely ban the use of fireworks. The main reason for this is concerns about air pollution. Prior to putting bans on fireworks in place, some local councils have already put measures in place to reduce traffic in and out of major cities.

Experts have told councils that huge firework displays will simply exacerbate the smog problem by provoking a series of chemical reactions. A further reason for putting the bans in place is to reduce the impact that fireworks have on pets and local wildlife.

Fireworks are especially popular in the southern regions of Italy where the tradition is long-standing. However, even those councils have put a ban in place. In the case of the Sicilian city of Messina, the ban remains in place through to January 10. The mayor of Campania was one of the first to put the ban in place and suggested to local citizens that thy set off Chinese Lanterns, instead.

In Rome, police have seized over 900 kilograms of fireworks in the lead up to New Year’s Eve. Police have put measures in place to keep control of the situation. While the authorities are pleased with the decision to limit or ban colorful firework displays, the locals are displeased with not being allowed to continue with this tradition.

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