Bruno Facchini was a factory worker who lived in Varese. Those who knew him described him as honest and hardworking. While working on a late shift in the factory on April 24, 1950, he needed to step outside to check for any damage that could have been caused by the thunderstorm that night.

He spotted a bright light just next to the doors of the factory and decided that he needed to investigate. When he got closer to the light, he realized it was coming from a circular object that was hovering above the ground. From this object, there was a rectangular opening with something that looked very much like a ladder from it. On the ground by the object were two small figure wearing what appeared to be diving suits and masks. In fear, Facchini turned and ran away.

Later, Facchini reported that he had been struck by a beam of light as he fled from the object and this threw the factory worker to the ground. Facchini then witnessed the two small figures return to the craft and it then flew away.

The next day, Bruno Facchini gave a statement to the police and they investigated the scene. The police found burn marks on the ground where Facchini reported seeing the craft and the two figures. An analysis of a green metallic substance from the scene was found to contain tin and copper.

A week after the incident, Facchini said that his back had become bruised and black before later turning yellow. On the spot on his neck where the beam had allegedly hit him, he was experiencing pain.

In 1981, Facchini gave an interview about his encounter. He said that even after time had passed, he was still suffering psychological trauma. There were also physical manifestations relating to the incident. For example, he had continued to suffer from hot flushes and fevers. He also said that looking back, the figures were similar to moon-walking astronauts.

Although what happened to Bruno Facchini that night was never proved, there are many who believe that this was a genuine UFO encounter. 


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