​One of the best food products manufactured in Italy is chocolate, a favorite of people with a sweet tooth across the world. Italy is renowned for the quality of the chocolate they produce. Here are five of the best chocolate makers in Italy. 


1. ​Cioccolata Venchi

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​Venchi began producing chocolate in Turin in 1878. The company has some of the top Master Chocolatiers in the country who make their chocolates using cacao beans from Africa and South America. They also source the finest pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, and olive oil. Their products are mainly sold through their own chain of shops and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. 


2. ​Ferrero

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​In 1942, Pietro Ferrero founded this company in Piedmont. The first chocolate they produced and sold was called Pasta Glandula. The most famous of the products made by Ferrero now is Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero also owns many other food companies, including Duplo, Kinder Sorpresa and Nutella.


3. ​Gianduiotto

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​Pietro Caffarel founded this company in 1826 in Turin. They are famous for using traditional chocolate making methods using high-quality products and local materials. Turin Carnival, Gian d’la Duja, was the inspiration for this company’s name. Gianduiotto uses different packaging for different celebrations and events throughout the year as a marketing strategy. 


4. ​Modica

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​Cioccolato di Modica is made in Sicily. The Spaniards introduced the art of chocolate making to the Sicilians many centuries ago, starting with collecting cacao beans, through the process of making the chocolate and then adding a range of flavors. These included cinnamon, coffee, citrus flavors, red peppers and vanilla. Modica chocolate is famous for its gritty and crumbly texture that is caused by the sugar not completely melting during the chocolate making process.


5. ​Perugina

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​Located in Perugia, this confectionary company produces both chocolates and sweets. It was originally founded in 1907 but was bought by Nestle in 1988. Baci Perugina is the most famous product of this company. It has a solid chocolate shell with a hazelnut filling. Perugina’s biggest marketing campaign was to include romantic quotes in the packaging of their products that were written in several languages.


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