​When people visit Italy, they often notice that they have a very different lifestyle to many other countries. Many of the Italian lifestyle habits can have a good impact on your life. Here are some lifestyle habits to try. 


1. Eat Together

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​People with busy lifestyles often grab food on the go and rarely make time to sit down together as a family at mealtimes. In contrast, the Italians almost always sit down to eat meals together. There is a saying, ‘the family that eats together, stays together’. Italians see the evening meal as family time where they can enjoy their food and share details of their day. 


2. Visit The Market

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​Many people get all their shopping from the supermarket. However, you should follow the example of the Italians and go shopping at your local markets. You will find seasonal, locally produced ingredients that are often cheaper than your local supermarket. Another benefit is that you are supporting the local farmers.


3. ​Know Your Local Shopkeepers

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​The Italians always stop to chat to their local shopkeepers. By doing so, they will let you know if they have any bargains in the shop and this will save you money.


4. ​Eat Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

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​Fruit and vegetables are an important element of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. However, most people do not include enough fruit and vegetables into their diet. Fruit and vegetables play a huge role in Italian cuisine and the Italians usually use locally produced seasonal ingredients. By opting for seasonal products, you will save money.


5. Use Hand Gestures

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​The Italians are well-known for gesticulating when they are talking. In fact, one study showed that there are approximately 250 hand gestures that are commonly used by the Italians during day-to-day conversations and interactions. Embracing this Italian habit is a great way to show your emotions and share your joy or pleasure.


6. Drink Less Alcohol

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​As Italy produces a lot of wine, people often assume that the Italians are big drinkers. However, this is not true of most Italians. While they do enjoy a drink with their meal, Italians tend to drink in moderation rather than going out binge drinking like is the norm in many countries. Following the lead of the Italians has many benefits to your health.


7. Take Pride In Your Surroundings

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You may notice when you visit Italy that everywhere looks clean and tidy; seeing litter on the streets is very unusual. This is because the Italians take pride in their local area. By doing the same, your local area is a much better place to live.


8. ​Be Tactile

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​The Italians are well-known for their touchy-feely approach to relationships and friendships and many cultures think this is an odd way to behave. Being more tactile, showing your affection and having this affection reciprocated is actually very satisfying and gives you the feel good factor.


3 thoughts on “Italian Lifestyle Habits You Should Try

  1. Yes all of this is very true.. my was was full blooded Italian from Sisily. And we did each and everything that was said on her

  2. Yes, all of them are true, as a native Italian, I remember when my father saw his cousin zio Giovanni, they hug, I could feel the love between them it was real, before 1955, good memory, wish I could go back in time 2 very special people in my life. I remember going for long walk in my little home town, when I went back, my cousin Gina walked everywhere in Naples, good execise “a paseggio”. Their main meal is about 1 o’clock and at night a little snack, lots of fruits from the near by market,
    daily shopping, no freezing meat, everything is always fresh I forgot, in the afternoon most people take a little nap.

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