Police in Baltimore are currently investigating the vandalism of a well-known monument to Christopher Columbus that is located close to Lake Montebello, northeast Baltimore. Residents of the area were surprised when they woke up and saw what had happened to the local landmark.

The vandalism happened overnight and there is a YouTube video of the captured incident that shows a person dressed in dark clothing. This person, who currently remains unknown, took a sledge hammer to the monument causing significant damage.

In Baltimore, there are three monuments that are all dedicated to Christopher Columbus. Located on the corner of Harford Road and Walther Avenue, this monument is the oldest in the country. It was erected in 1792 and is owned by the city. The police have taken the incident seriously and have stated that it was an illegal act and that those responsible would face prosecution.

The incident has evoked strong emotions in the community. However, there are those who are distraught at the damage done to the monument and others who agree with the act as they disagree with many of the things Columbus did in his life, particularly with regard to racism.

A YouTuber called ‘Ty’ was responsible for posting the video online. The only other fact known about the narrator of the video is that he is from somewhere in the city of Baltimore. In the video, Ty suggests that the intentional damage was to make a stand against the racial hatred Christopher Columbus showed to certain minority groups in his lifetime.

Although there is only one person clearly shown on the video, police currently believe that there were actually three people involved in the vandalism. They are urging anyone who knows anything to come forward as they are taking this situation very seriously.

The statue is now in consideration for being removed from the city. Many Italians are outraged about this idea, and are scheduling a protest to keep the statue in the ground. How do you feel about this issue?


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