Tony Bennett, full name Anthony Dominick Benedetto, is one of the best-loved big band, jazz and show tunes singers in America. His prolific career in the music industry spans eight decades as he became a performer in 1945. His first number one single ‘Because of You’ was released in 1951 and this led to many more chart-topping hits throughout his career.

One of Tony Bennett’s most successful and popular songs was ‘Sing, You Sinners’. The music was composed by W. Frankie Harling and the lyrics were written by Sam Coslow. It was originally used in the 1930 film ‘Honey’. Tony Bennett released this song as a single in 1950 and he later re-recorded it with John Legend on his 2006 ‘Duet’ album.

You can listen to the legendary Tony Bennett performing ‘Sing, You Sinners’ live in concert here:

Main Image: Pexels


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