​The varied terrain and stunning scenery in Italy make it the ideal country to visit for people interested in cycling. If you are interested in cycling holidays, then there are some destinations that are ideally suited to this activity. Here are some of the best destinations in Italy for cycling.


​Basilicata and Valle d’Itria, Puglia

​As you cycle from Basilicata to Valle d’Itria, you will pass through two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Matera and Alberello. The stunning scenery you will see includes olive groves, vineyards and ancient houses in Trulli. This ride is varied as some sections are relaxing and allow you to admire the scenery and some areas are more challenging, such as the cycle through the rocky Basilicata province.



​Cycling in Piedmont allows you to enjoy some of the most untainted areas of Italy. It is an opportunity to admire some spectacular scenery, including lakes, vineyards, castles, and an alpine backdrop. Cycling in Piedmont’s Romano Canavese will take you along the royal wine tour, so it is ideal for people who are also interested in food and wine. At the end of a day’s cycling, you can enjoy some of the best wine produced in the region and sample the traditional cuisine of Piedmont.



​A cycle tour of Tuscany allows you to combine visits to the major cities in this region with days in the picturesque countryside. Cycling in this region will take you along riversides, through the rambling Tuscan countryside, and through aromatic vineyards. You can break up each section of your cycling tour by staying in the beautiful cities of Pisa, Lucca, and Firenze.


​Trentino-Alto Adige

​The ideal route to take is from Balzano to Verona. Travel through the Dolomites along the Adige cycle path, passing Lake Garda, the Veronese hills, and Trento’s castle along the way. Although this route is predominantly flat, there are some challenging climbs along the way. However, there are alternative routes if you want to avoid the steeper sections of the cycle.

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