WATCH: Tony Bennett Singing ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams

WATCH: Tony Bennett Singing ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Tony Bennett has released many hit singles during his career and ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ is one of his most memorable and popular tracks.

‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a song that was composed by Harry Warren and with lyrics by Al Dubin. The song is about Paris and was sung by Constance Bennett in the 1934 film ‘Moulin Rouge’. However, the first recording of this track was in 1933 when Deane Janis performed the song with Hal Kemp’s Orchestra in Chicago. It then became the title tune for a stage musical that was based on Al Dubin’s life before it was added to the score of ‘42nd Street’.

Probably the best-known version of this song was sung by Tony Bennett. In fact, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ became one of his signature songs. He had sung this track as a demo when he was first signed to Columbia Records and he then released it in 1950 as his major label debut single. It was from the point of releasing this single that Tony Bennett rose to prominence and this led to him becoming the success he is today.

You can watch Tony Bennett performing ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ here:

Main Image: Pexels

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