This hilarious Italian song features Mikey C (@Mikey_128) and his Italian grandmother, Zia Michelina (@Zia_michelina) and @__.d_a_n_n_y.__. It is an Italian parody of Cardi B’s song “Bodak yellow” which topped the Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. This hysterical song features many aspects of everyday life as an Italian Nonna including throwing shoes, using wooden spoons, eating gelato, drinking vino, and cooking with homegrown tomatoes! It also includes lyrics referring to how Nonnas never take the plastic off their couches and how they love to feed their guests! It is extremely relatable to all Italians with Nonnas! 

Video edited by : @paulloduca


One thought on “MUST WATCH: Hilarious Italian Parody of Cardi B Bodak Yellow – Zia Michelina

  1. I don’t know my Great Nona Pagiaccetti she cooked everything from scratch. Noodles and all. I remember helping her. She had 4 ovens in her kitchen. Dam the woman could cook!! Sure miss it, rest her beautiful Italian soul.

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