As Italy consists of a mainland with a long coastline and many islands, it is no wonder that Italy is a popular place to visit for traveling scuba divers. Whether you are an experienced scuba diver or a novice to this watersport, there are some amazing spots for a dive in many different areas of Italy and here are some of the best.


​Ants’ Reef (Secca delle Formiche)

​You will find this reef between Ischia and Procida and the biodiversity there makes it of biological interest to both divers and scientists. An interesting feature of this dive site is the natural archway that is submerged below the surface of the water. This creates some beautiful effects with light.


​Nisida Reef (Secca di Nisida)

​At Nisida Reef you can dive between canyons and walls. It is a great spot for admiring the marine life and common sights include octopi, crayfish, lair fish, and lobsters. Another reason to dive here is to admire the underwater scene created by the white and yellow sea fans.


​Smokey Reef (Secca delle Fumose)

​At this dive, you will find a range of underwater pillars that are covered in diverse flora and fauna. As this is a volcanic region, you will find fumaroles. These are strips of gaseous bubbles that originate from the seabed. The bubbles contain sulphur and this is released and deposited on the seabed creating an interesting sight.


​The Pinnacle

​Just off the Portofino Peninsula, The Pinnacle is a small reef that is shaped like twin towers. Two of the reasons to dive here are the comfortable water temperature and the clear visibility in the water. It is possible to hire instructors to dive here if you have limited experience of diving.


​The Capua

​Just off the coast of Scopello, there lies a wreck of a World War II ship. It is a fantastic dive for those who enjoy exploring shipwrecks during their dives. The upper decks have deteriorated, so it is easy for divers to get to the lower decks where there is still some ammunition. The wildlife at the wreck is also interesting and includes a family of conger eels.


​The Kent

​In the Bay of Tonnara there lies a shipwreck from a ship called The Kent that sank in 1978. As it was carrying a cargo of Korans, it is also referred to as the ‘Koran Wreck’. Some people say this is the most beautiful wreck in the Mediterranean. Although the shipwreck is relatively new, it is home to a wide range of marine life. This dive is tricky, so it is best-suited to advanced divers with extensive experience of deep-diving.


​Grotta dell’Acqua Dolce

​One for the experienced divers only, the grotto entrance is in a wall in the Zingaro reserve, close to Uzzo Bay. Measuring 60 meters by 20 meters, the grotto decreases in depth the further in you go and eventually leads to a pool of crystal clear water. This is a great spot for marine photographers as the pool is filled with marine wildlife.


Media: Pexels

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