10 Stereotypes of Italian Women

There are many stereotypes about Italian women, some of which are true and others that are not. Here are ten of the most common stereotypes about women in Italy.

1. They Do Not Get Drunk

Although the Italians are known to enjoy drinking with their meals, it I not generally part of Italian culture to get drunk. This does not just apply to Italian women as men also avoid heavy drinking in social situations.

2. Italian Women Avoid Sodas

There is some truth in the rumour that Italian women do not drink soda. This is not necessarily a diet fad, it is often because they want to avoid belching. A woman belching in public is frowned upon in Italian society.

3. They Love Their Food


Unlike their US and UK counterparts who avoid eating large meals and are constantly thinking about calories, Italian women like their food a lot. They consider food an important element of their daily lives and also their social outings.

4. Italian Women Love Talking


Italian women love to talk to anyone. They are stereotypically very sociable and confident. Furthermore, they talk fast, loud and often inappropriately.

5. They Are Stylish Yet Comfortable


Style is important to women in Italy. However, whereas the French go for a sophisticated look that is very rigid, the Italians prefer a look that is chic yet comfortable. Their preference is to look well-presented but able to enjoy their daily lives.

6. Italian Food is Their Favorite


Although they will occasionally try international cuisine, the Italians truly believe that their national cuisine is the best. They are particularly fond of traditional food from their own region and their mothers’ cooking.

7. They Cherish Motherhood


To most Italian women, being a mother is very important and is a role they take extremely seriously. Even women who are not a mother themselves still value the importance of the role of mothers within an Italian family.

8. Italian Women Prefer a Natural Look


Presenting themselves well is essential to most Italian women. While they style their hair and wear makeup, they prefer to keep their look as natural as possible. The consider too much makeup clown-like and over styling the hair a very American approach to style.

9. They Make Good Friends


Italian women are known to make good friends. This is possibly because they enjoy talking, eating out and can adapt to social situations. Stereotypically, they are also loyal, warm and confident. Each of these personally traits contribute to their ability to develop strong friendships.

10. Italian Women Are Proud of Their Heritage


Women in Italy are proud to be Italian. They love the history and culture of their country and are glad they hail from Italy over any other country.

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