How to Create an Amazing Italian Party Theme

Having a theme for a party can make it all the more exciting and there is a wide variety different themes you could choose. This may depend on factors such as the event, your personal tastes, the people you have invited and the budget. One option is to create an Italian theme for your party and here are some ideas of the things you can do.



Get your guests into the spirit of the theme before they have even arrived by having your invitations in a theme. To keep it simple, simply use the colors of the Italian flag or use its design. Alternatively, have a map of the country in the background or include pictures of things you associate with Italy.




Creating fun, Italian-themed décor for an event is really simple. For a bright and vibrant look, opt for décor in red, green and white. Decorate the room with balloons and banners in these colors. If you want to create a more sophisticated look in the room where you are hosting your party, then opt for prints of Italian art or photographs of famous Italian landmarks.


Costume Parties

Dressing up is a fun way to get your guests involved in the theme of the party. You can leave it up to them what they wear or think of your own theme for the costumes. Some ideas include mobsters and molls, characters from Italian movies or any clothes that are red, green or white. Make sure to get dressed up yourself if you have asked your guests to do so.



Sit Down Meals

For smaller parties or for an event for which you want a sophisticated and adult theme, a sit-down meal is potentially the best option. There are some fantastic Italian dishes that are wonderful for sharing and are really easy to prepare. Pasta dishes are a great choice as you can serve them at the table with salad and breads.




For larger parties or those with a casual atmosphere, buffet-style food for people to help themselves to is a great idea. Antipasti is ideal for serving in this way. Trays of cold or cured meats, an Italian cheese board, Italian breads, olives, dips, and a big dish of salad are ideal.



Playing traditional Italian music in the background can create an authentic Italian atmosphere for your party. To get everyone up and dancing, the tarantella is a fun choice. For atmospheric background music while eating, try some light opera. There are also many modern Italian-themed songs that people enjoy or play some music by Italian artists.


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