10 Facts About Vatican City

10 Facts About Vatican City


​Vatican City is a city-state in Italy that is surrounded by Rome. It is home to the Pope and is a popular destination for devoted Christians. Here are 10 interesting facts about Vatican City about which most people are unaware.

  1. The people of Vatican City consume more wine per capita than any other city in the world.
  2. There are only two places in the world that do not have divorce laws; Vatican City and the Philippines. The only option to end a marriage in either place in annulment.
  3. In 1642, Galileo defended his views regarding Earth not being the center of the universe and was promptly put under house arrest by The Holy Office. He was kept under arrest until his death. In 1992, The Vatican acknowledged that Galileo was right and they were wrong.
  4. The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope is run by The Vatican’s astronomical department but is located in Arizona. It is one of the largest telescopes in the world.
  5. Vatican City is not entitled to join the European Union because it is a theocracy and the rules state that members must be a free market democracy. However, Vatican City is small and surrounded by an EU state. For this reason, it is linked to the EU.
  6. With just 300 meters of track, Vatican City’s railway is the smallest in the world. It has just one station called Cittá del Vaticano.
  7. The Holy See signed documents in 2000 to make the Euro the official currency of Vatican City. Included in the Euro designs seen in Italy and the Vatican are a series of three effigies of Pope Francis.
  8. The Pope has his own army called the Pontifical Swiss Guard. The criteria for becoming a guard are extremely strict.
  9. If you visit Vatican City you will not get your passport stamped.
  10. Nobody is born in Vatican City and one reason for this is there are no hospitals. Citizenship is granted to those who work there.



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