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Slyvester Stallone opens two businesses in 2018

This man can do it all! Actor, director, screenwriter, producer... and now ENTREPRENEUR.


This man can do it all! Actor, director, screenwriter, producer… and now ENTREPRENEUR.

In September, Sly announced Balboa Productions is up and running.

Stallone also has announced his e-commerce clothing line, known as Sly Stallone Shop. The shop features unique t-shirts, jackets, bags and other apparel that he has worn throughout his film history.

He posts images and videos of him showing off the apparel line regularly.

The t-shirt brand seems to already become a massive hit. Not only has the instagram racked up almost 100,000 fans, celebrities seem to be enjoying the line as well.

The page has featured celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Mario Lopez, and Hulk Hogan!


His Rocky success has still been continuing with Creed 2. The movie was a box office hit and great film. However, Sly said it may be his last time playing Rocky Balboa. With his new found entrepreneurial success, it is hard to blame him.

At 72 years old, he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon! Keep kicking culo, Sly!!



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