​When people choose Italy as a destination for their travels, the often head straight for Rome or Venice. However, there are many other smaller cities in Italy that are interesting and have plenty of things to see and do for visitors. Here are ten of the smaller cities and towns in Italy that you should consider visiting during your next vacation.

1. Siena


Photo: Pepe N. / Unsplash

Where: Tuscany

Things to Do: Piazza del Campo, Torre del Mangia, Siena Cathedral, Palazzo public, Basilica of San Domenico, Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, and Pinacoteca Nazionale.


2. ​Assisi


Photo: Lanchlan G. / Unsplash

​Where: Umbria

Things to Do: Basilica di Santa Chiara, Assisi Cathedral, Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Monte Subasio, Eremo delle Carceri, and Sacro Convento.


3. ​Lucca

Where: Tuscany

Things to Do: Lucca Cathedral, San Michele in Foro, Basilica of San Frediano, Palazzo Pfanner, Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, and Museum of Villa Mansi.


4. ​Ravenna

​Where: Emilia-Romagna

Things to Do: Basilica of San Vitale, Basilica of Sant’Apolinare Nuovo, Mausoleum of Galia Placidia, Ravenna Baptistery of Neon, Arian Baptistery, Mausoleum of Theoderic, and Eurowheel.

5. San Gimignano


Photo: Daniela T. / Unsplash

Where: Tuscany

Things to Do: Piazza della Cisterna, Collegiate Church of San Gimignano, San Gimignano 1300, Torre del Diavolo, Palazzo Comunale, Sant’Agostino Church, and Museo della Tortura.

6. ​Orvieto


Photo: Heidi K. / Unsplash

Where: Umbria

Things to Do: Pozzo di San Patrizio, Orvieto Cathedral, Paglia River, Museum Dell’Opera del Duomo Orvieto, Well of the Cave, and Torre del Moro.

7. ​Padua

Where: Veneto

Things to Do: Scrovegni Chapel, Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, Paiazzo della Ragione, Padua Cathedral, Prato della Valle, Orto Botanico di Padova, and Church of the Ermitani.

8. ​Taormina


Photo: Mick T. / Unsplash

Where: Sicily

Things to Do: Mount Etna, Isola Bella, Palazzo Corvaia, Ancient Theater of Taormina, Giardino Pubblico, Duomo di Taormina, and Porta Catania.

9. ​Lecce


Photo: Tim K. / Unsplash

Where: Apulia

Things to Do: Castle of Charles V, Lecce Cathedral, Basilica di Santa Croce, Porta Napoli, Museo Faggiano, Porto Napoli, and Piazza San Cronzo.

10. ​Perugia


Photo: Lachlan G. / Unsplash

Where: Umbria

Things to Do: Galleria Nazionale dell ’Umbria, Fontana Maggiore, Paiazzo dei Priori, San Domenico, Perugia Cathedral, Collegio del Cambio, and National Archaeological Museum of Perugia.



Main Image: Mariya G. / Unsplash

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