Exciting Things to Do in Foggia

Exciting Things to Do in Foggia

Foggia is a province of the Apulia region and the capital is Foggia City. This area is located in the ‘heel’ of the Italian boot and boasts picturesque surroundings both along the coast and inland. If you choose to visit this part of southern Italy, there are plenty of ways to keep occupied and entertained during your vacation.

Boat Trips to Gargano and the Tremiti Islands

Image From: Pixabay

During your stay, you should definitely take a boat trip to the nearby islands in the Adriatic Sea. As you sail across the crystal-clear waters, you have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views. Once at the islands, you can spend time exploring the nature reserves, sandy beaches, the caves and coves, the stunning gardens and the historic structures.

The Cathedral of San Lorenzo Maiorano

Image From: Flickr

In addition to admiring the architecture of the cathedral, visitors can view many valuable works of art. The cathedral is also home to some important historic artifacts, such as a 13th-century wooden crucifix, a wooden statue of Madonna di Siponto and a 16th-century Christ at the Column.

Archaeological Park of Siponto

Image From: Pexels

The park is situated at the mouth of the Cervaro River. There are the remains of ancient settlements from both the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. At the site, you will also see evidence of the extensive developments made to the area when Sipontum became one of the Roman colonies.

Mont Sant’Angelo

Image From: Wiki

One of the best places to visit for spectacular views across the region and over the Adriatic Sea is Mont Sant’ Angelo. This beautiful natural feature of the area is a fantastic place for those who enjoy hiking and is also a chance to admire the nature of Apulia.


Image From:  Unsplash

The coastline of Foggia provides the perfect playground for watersports enthusiasts or those who want to try a watersport for the first time. Just some of the activities you can enjoy include windsurfing, canoeing, sailing, surfing and scuba diving.


Image From: Pexels

For most people, eating out is an important part of a vacation and visiting restaurants in the area is a chance to try the local cuisine. If you are eating in a restaurant close to the coastline, you will find that seafood features highly on the menu. At inland restaurants, lamb is often the meat of specialty dishes. For lunch, try some of the homemade bread and locally made cheese or a bowl of minestrone soup.


  • Main Image: [murgia puglia apulia landscape] – Pexels

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