20 Signs You Grew Up Italian

It's safe to say that growing up in an Italian household was rather unique and fairly different from ythe way your friends grew up. You didnt completly understand back then, but you are now grateful for all the life lessons it has taught you.


It’s safe to say that growing up in an Italian household was rather unique and fairly different from the way your friends grew up. You didnt completly understand back then, but you are now grateful for all the life lessons it has taught you.

Let’s dive into the 20 Signs You Grew Up Italian:

1. You thought there was actually ice cream in these containers

Photo by madwithnestle.ca

Instead, Nonna would use these to store her tomato sauce.


2. You ran at the sight of a wooden spoon

Image result for nonna wooden spoon gif
Photo by Reddit

Or a belt, slipper, or broom.

3. Someone in the family had plastic still on the chairs

Image result for plastic covered sofa
Photo by mommyblogdesigns

No matter how hard you tried, you could never get comfortable on it.

4. You always left Nonna’s $20 richer

Image result for 20 dollars
Photo by 123rf.com

She would tell you to treat yourself to an ice cream but you knew you weren’t going to spend it on just ice cream.


5. You participated in the tomato sauce process

Image result for tomato sauce making
Photo by attheitaliantable.com

It was a great bonding experience with your Nonni even though they wouldn’t let you work too hard.


6. Your mother pinned a corno on you on your Baptism and Communion

Image result for gold corno pin
Photo by catawiki

To protect you from malocchio on your special day.


7. You found it weird that your non-Italian friends didn’t have 2 kitchens in their houses.

Photo by laurelberninteriors.com

You had an outdated kitchen in the basement and another kitchen on the main floor for special occasions only.


8. Your Nonni gave you coffee at a young age.

Image result for child drinking espresso
Photo by The Daily Meal

And that’s where your coffee addiction started.


9. The cantina was always stocked with olive oil, wine, giardinara, and salami hanging from the ceiling.

Image result for italian cantina
Photo by My Little Italian Kitchen

Every now and then you would go in there and touch the salami to see if they felt ready to eat.


10. If your parents pissed you off you’d always call Nonna.

Related image
Photo by Hollywood Revealed

And she always took your side.


11. Salad was eaten after your meal, never before.

Image result for after dinner salad
Photo by healthbenefitstimes.com

And your mother used oil, vinegar and salt to dress it. You never had the store-bought dressings.


12. You felt if you brought someone home that wasn’t Italian your family wouldn’t approve

Image result for upset nonna
Photo by 123rf.com

Ma chi cazzo é Billy?!


13. Diets and calorie counting wasn’t a thing.

Image result for pasta gif
Photo by Giphy

And if you were on a diet it usually didn’t last very long.


14. You understood the importance of freshly baked Italian bread

Image result for italian bread gif
Photo by Salt and Serenity

You didn’t have lunch or dinner without it.


15. You enjoy the old mafia movies

Image result for mafia movies gif
Photo by Giphy

The Godfather is one of them.


16. If you were sick, pastina would fix everything

Image result for pastina italian
Photo by Amazon

So would staying home with Nonna watching The Price is Right.


17. Your Nonno’s giardino is his pride and joy


2014-07-09 20.06.29e
Photo by Schema Magazine


God forbid you went anywhere near it without his supervision.


18. Your friends all think you’re yelling but that’s just your talking voice


Image result for loud italian gif
Photo by Giphy


You got this trait from your loud parents most likely.


19. No matter what other Italian food you ate, Nonna always made it better


Image result for chewing ew gif
Photo by Tenor


You would say it out loud too.


20. You love to show off your Italian pride


Italian AF - Hardcore Italians
Photo by Hardcore Italians


Not just for the World Cup, but any chance you get.
What are some things you remember growing up with? Let us know in the comments.



Main Photo by Eaters Collective [Unsplash]


  1. Every time we said goodbye it took hours. We always went to family on Sunday and no matter where we went there was always food and you had to eat even if you just ate.

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