7 “Italian Foods” That Don’t Exist In Italy

Italian food is enjoyed all over the world, however somehow along the way certain "Italian" dishes have been Americanized into dishes that Italian's would find completely schifo!


Italian food is enjoyed all over the world, however somehow along the way certain “Italian” dishes have been Americanized into dishes that Italian’s would find completely schifo!

Here’s a list of 7 so-called “Italian foods” that actually don’t exist in Italy.


1. Garlic Bread

Photo by Courtney’s Sweets

This is an Americanized version of the Italian bruschetta. Instead of large chunks of garlic on a piece of butter-soaked bread, bruschetta is often a crunchy bread sometimes rubbed with a clove of garlic and topped with oil, tomato and oregano.


2. Italian Salad Dressing

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What is this stuff even made of? The real Italian salad dressing is simply oil, vinegar and salt. Yes, sometimes less is more.


3. Pepperoni Pizza

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If you ask for a pepperoni pizza in Italy you will get a pizza topped with sweet pepper. Avoid the issue and just get salami on your pizza, it’s tastier anyway.


4. Alfredo Sauce

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Italian’s have no idea what this is. Therefore this dish is not Nonna approved.


5. Chicken or Veal Parmesan

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One of the best filling comfort foods for Americans, yet in Italy, they wouldn’t dare to cook such a dish.


6. Baloney

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Baloney is the extremely mangia cake version of mortadella. I know it may be a staple in kid’s school lunches but it definitely didn’t come from Italy.


7. Italian Wedding Soup

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Photo by allrecipes.com

This soup is actually from Spain, not Italy and would most likely be an embarrassment if it was served at any wedding.
Can you think of any other Americanized Italian foods? Leave your comments below!



Main Photo by Miguel Andrade [Unsplash]




  1. Cudighi. An Italian sausage sandwich with sauce, your choice of mushroom, peppers, onions etc, and melted chz. Depending on the area of your roots, decides if you use mustard. The bread is key too, as well as if there us or isn’t fennel in the meat (it’s pork) or cinnamon or mace. All have a different recipe in our area.

    1. Christine. You must be from the UP. As soon as you mentioned Cudighi, I knew. My friends have a place in Ishpeming called Ralph’s Italian Deli. They sell it by the truckloads.

  2. Your information is wrong on #7. My mom was born in Italy and had wedding soup at weddings there. Not true on this one.

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