10 Struggles​ of Curly & Thick Haired Italian Women

All you thick curly haired (and beautiful) Italian woman out there, this is for you! You are not alone, as most Italian woman can relate to the many struggles we've had with having thick, curly, and unmanageable hair.


All you thick curly haired (and beautiful) Italian woman out there, this is for you! You are not alone, as most Italian women can relate to the many struggles we’ve had with having thick, curly, and unmanageable hair.


1. Your hair elastics are always breaking

Photo by Teresa Fera

Or they are completely stretched out.


2. You try to refrain from washing it every day

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Dry shampoo is your best friend.


3. Your shower drain is always clogged

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And then you wonder why the water in the tub won’t go down.


4. You’ve broken a comb or two

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Or you’ve got the comb tangled up in your hair to the point you have to cut it out.


5. Rainy or humid days are your enemies

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After you spent an hour working on it.


6.  You get arm cramps after blow-drying or styling

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You don’t need the gym, you get a work out in the bathroom trying to make your hair sleek and smooth.


7. You go through hair products like crazy

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It’s normal to finish a can of hairspray while getting ready for a Saturday night out.


8. You can never brush your hair when it’s dry

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The straight haired girls will never understand.


9. You find hair literally everywhere

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On the floor, pillows, couches, clothes, food. Your hairbrushes are also full.


10. You sometimes look like Cousin It

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But you’re okay with it because after all, you love your long and thick curly Italian hair!


What are some other struggles you deal with having curly and thick hair? Leave your comments below!





Main Photo by Jaroslav Devia[Unsplash]


  1. Love this! Im 66 yrs. Young,hated my curls as a teen in the 60″s 😨embraced them at age 60.
    One more curly struggle,they tangle right back up as soon as you untangle!

  2. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a group of hair spiked straight out in some random direction. And no matter how much you comb/brush it, there’s still a side of your head that looks larger.

  3. Please check out my YouTube channel dealing with curly hair! It’s thick and unruly but with the right products can be gorgeous. I finally have embraced my curls. I review all different products for curls. NYCurl401 on YouTube and instagram.

  4. My hair never looks the same way twice. One day a product will work and the next time its frizz city, soft one day and dry and brittle the next. I have to curl it to make it smootj

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