6 Reasons Why Italian Women Make THE BEST Wives

Like the saying goes, "There are two types of women in this world: Italian women and those who wish they were!"

Like the saying goes, “There are two types of women in this world: Italian women and those who wish they were!”

1. They are family oriented.

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Italian wives are extremely family oriented and their family ALWAYS comes first. They throw amazing family parties full of great food, drinks, and Italian music. They truly enjoy being surrounded by their loved ones as much as possible!

2. They’ll cook for you.

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Italian women are generally old school and can cook you an amazing dinner. Nothing makes them happier than seeing others eat! They can cook a great meal and fast!

3. They are great mothers.

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Italian mothers are extremely protective and nurturing! Their children come first in their lives and they are willing to do anything for them! They will jump for their children for anything at any time!

4. They function well in chaos.

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Italian wives are the best at multitasking! They can talk on the phone, cook dinner, and clean simultaneously! They can handle pressure and are often used to it!

5. They have BIG personalities.

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Italian wives have amazing personalities! As soon as they enter a room everyone can feel the energy! They are often very social and can converse with all different people… because we all know THEY LOVE TO TALK!

6. They are very expressive.

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Italian women are not afraid to say and show how they feel. Communication is very important to them! Hugs and cheek kisses are very common.


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  1. Seriously, though, Italian girls do make the best wives & mothers because they are dedicated to their family.

    1. Ladies…I am a half Italian woman and I believe we ABSOLUTELY make the best wives, friends, mothers…etc!! My mom was 100% Italian and she was the BEST!!

    1. My great great grandmother came from Italy to America . Her name was Anna Passalaqua. She married Tomas Titone . Her parents were not happy with her for marrying Tomas..They had Five children before leaving Italy . One son, he was a little baby, was unable to go due to having Pink eye .He never came to America and never saw his parents and family ever again thought they wrote and sent money.. His son is alive and is 99 years old living in Marsala Italy today.. I wonder if your somehow related. My mother is Josephine Titone who married Nicholas Trapani.. I am their daughter. Nicole..

  2. Italians have PASSION. Which adds spice and Life to everything we do – anything we say , any task we undertake , any challenges we face are felt with our whole heart .. and every Italian ( Woman ) will understand this

  3. I am one of the fortunate non-Italian men who married a beautiful (aren’t they all) woman. She has every one of the six traits listed. Her name is Jennifer and she is my life!

  4. My wife is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Lithuania. The Italian surely shines through in all 6 catagoies!

  5. I am born of Sicilian heritage..both sides.. To my friends that are like family I am very dedicated💜🌿💜

  6. LMAO I am half German and Irish ☘️ and have the same qualities…it is how someone is raised and their personality. This is silly…it’s not only Italian wives!

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