Little Italy is an area of New York where many Italians settled during the periods of mass immigration. The Italians stayed together to create their own communities and continue their cultural beliefs and traditions. Even though this is only a small area of New York City, there is plenty to see and do if you are staying in Little Italy or somewhere in the surrounding area.

1. Eat, Eat, Eat!

For such a small area of New York City, there are a staggering number of places to eat in Little Italy. Obviously, Italian food features highly in the restaurants, bars, cafes and bistros in this area. However, this is not your only choice of cuisine as there is a wide range of place to choose from to suit all budgets and tastes.

2. Shop Until You Drop

Another great way to spend your time in Little Italy is shopping. There is a cast range of shops, from well-known brands to little boutiques. In fact, it is a shopper’s paradise.

3. The Museum of Chinese in America

It seems a rather strange place to locate The Museum of Chinese in America, especially when Chinatown is the next neighborhood. However, Little Italy is home to this interesting museum nonetheless. This is a chance to learn about the history of people with Chinese heritage in the United States.

4. The Italian American Museum

It makes more sense that the Italian American Museum is located in Little Italy. Here, you can find out about the history of Italians in America. The museum has a variety of interesting exhibitions, including photographs, films, and memorabilia.

5. Color Me Mine

This attraction is a chance to unleash your creative side. Visitors to Color Me Mine can choose a ceramic and then create their own designs on the piece. This is a great memento of your trip to New York City.

6. New York Urban Adventures

If this is the first time you have visited the area, then taking a tour with a guide is an excellent idea. They can point out all the landmarks and provide interesting information about the area. For example, one of the tours available will teach you about all the different immigrant groups in the area and how they have contributed to New York culture. Also during the tour, you will have the opportunity to sample food from a variety of different establishment.




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