Pisa is a city that really shows tourists what the history, culture, and architecture of Italy are about. If this is the destination of your choice when visiting Italy, then the following are just eight of the things you can see or do during your stay.

1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is probably the most famous structures in Italy and one of the most easily recognized in the world. The shallow foundations and the type of soil in the area are responsible for the lean of this building.

2. Piazza dei Cavalieri

If you are interested in architecture, then it is here you will see some of the most interesting buildings in Pisa. Piazza dei Cavalieri, or Knights Square, is a wonderful town square consisting of many churches and buildings you can visit.

3. The Monumental Graveyard of Pisa

While some people may think that a graveyard is a rather macabre place to visit, the graveyard in Pisa is more interesting than most. The deceased buried here are some of the most important in the history of Pisa. There are also artworks from the Roman age, throughout the Medieval age and up to the last century.

4. The Pisa Baptistery

Designed by the architect Diotisalvi, the construction of the Pisa Baptistery began in 1153. However, Giovanni and Nicola Pisano are responsible for many of the sculptures on the exterior of this structure. This is the biggest monument in Italy.

5. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Designed by Buscheto, this cathedral is the finest example of Pisa Romanesque art. Construction of this stunning building began in 1604.

6. Teatro Verdi

Why not add a musical experience into your vacation itinerary? The Teatro Verdi has a diverse program of ballets, operas and other performances for you to enjoy throughout the year.

7. Sunlight Park

If you want a day away from the cultural experiences and just want to have some fun, then a visit to this outdoor water park in Marina di Pisa is well worth considering. There are some fun slides and the attraction is highly recommended as a day out for families visiting Pisa.

8. Il Pineto Parco Avventura

Also in Marina di Pisa is Il Pineto Parco Avventura, a woodland park. Visitors can climb through the trees, walk across rope bridges, swing across the forest on rope swings and return to the ground using zip wires.




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